Name: Alexander Borotinskij

Stage name: DJ Active A

Date of birth: 01/13/1980

I was born in Stockholm, Sweden. I became interested in electronic musicbeganwhen I went throughmy father's record collection and by chance found a record made by the Swedish composer Ralph Lundsten. I entered the stage as a DJ in 2007.I play a wide variety of music and withmy home setup I compose and mix differrent sounds. My goal is to develop something in the style of dance, house, techno/trance.


DJ Active A is a company, but that is not all. DJ Active A is a producer of electronic dance music; techno, trance... The company's purpose is to deliver a session of music experience wherever you are; on the beach, on the dance floor or while taking a nap after a long day of hard work. Enjoy!

P.S. Even the aerobic enthusiast will find the music useful!